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Originally Posted by gerv View Post
What about you? What role did BF play in getting you out on two wheels?
BF has played an incredibly insignificant role in getting me out on two wheels.

What did influence me to get out on two wheels were my parents. I grew up in a cycling family ... both my mother and my father cycled. Our house was always filled with bicycles, bicycle parts and equipment, bicycle magazines and books, etc. etc. When my brother and I learned to ride at a fairly early age, we started cycling together as a family ... both recreationally and for utility purposes.

I learned to ride a bicycle in 1973, and started commuting to school that year. Home computers were in the imagination of sci-fi TV shows back then.

My cycling kind of dwindled off in about 1984 ... but then resurged in 1990 and I have been cycling avidly since then. In 1990, I did have a home computer, but no internet. I got my cycling information from the library. I read every book they had on cycling. I also dug through some of my father's old Bicycling Magazines. My bicycle was too big for me, but I set it up as best I could based on what I read in the books and magazines. I didn't have much money, so I went to the local Canadian Tire and got helmet and panniers. A friend gave me gloves for Christmas. I picked up cycling shorts for about $10 in a basement clearance area of the local Co-op grocery store. And I was off!

Right from the beginning my main focus has been on long distance cycling, but I've combined that with commuting, general utility cycling, short tours, recreational cycling, and a dabble into "training".

I got into racing in 1998 and raced for 3 years. I may have been venturing into the internet then, but still wasn't on Bike Forums. So again, I got my information from the library and magazines ... and also my coach and other members of my cycling club.

I also started commuting regularly, just about every day, in 1998. And in 1999, I went car-free.

In 2001, I started randonneuring ... still no forums. For that, I got most of my info from my fellow club members. There wasn't much about endurance cycling in the library and my club was small ... so there was a lot of trial and error.

It wasn't until sometime in 2002 that I got onto Bicycling Mag's forum ... and then found this one in 2003. One of my first posts here was a question about the 2003 Paris-Brest-Paris 1200K event in France which I was preparing for. Rowan answered. We chatted very briefly, and then I returned to Bicycling Mag's forum.

I didn't really get involved in Bike Forums until somewhere around 2005, when my cycling declined a little bit because I returned to university to get another degree. Full-time uni + part-time work didn't leave me as much time as I would have liked for cycling.

For me, BF is mainly entertainment and a little bit about connecting with others who enjoy cycling. Occasionally I'll acquire information ... just yesterday, for example, I asked about ideas for raising my handlebars on our tandem in the Tandem forum.
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