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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
BF has played an incredibly insignificant role in getting me out on two wheels.I didn't really get involved in Bike Forums until somewhere around 2005, when my cycling declined a little bit because I returned to university to get another degree. Full-time uni + part-time work didn't leave me as much time as I would have liked for cycling.

For me, BF is mainly entertainment and a little bit about connecting with others who enjoy cycling. Occasionally I'll acquire information...
Same here. Much of my day, well over eight hours, is doing pretty intense and focused mental work at a computer terminal, which also cuts into my cycling time. I previously mentioned,

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
what I have gotten directly from BF [includes]:
  • the opportunity to post and literally "journal" my thoughts and activities about cycling and lifestyle (even if nobody else reads them), but which I wouldn't write down otherwise.
Besides the opportunity to mull over the myriad issues expressed on the Forums, posting is also a form of entertainment / recreation:

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
A favorite lifestyle commentator (Dennis Prager) once remarked that one should take a vacation everyday. Not necessarily to go away, but at least do something different to invigorate and re-energize. For me, posting to various Forums is that activity I can access during the workday.

Sometimes out on the Road, I encounter other cyclists and I bring up Bike Forums. I occasionally get a smarmy reply like, Well, Id rather be riding my bike than writing about it. I reply, Well, I post about riding my bike when Im working and cant be riding.
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