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Originally Posted by wipekitty View Post
BF, and in particular this sub-forum, significantly aided my transition to what is hopefully long term (as opposed to intermittent) car-freedom. There were a few situations that I worried about in the long term - especially living in an area without particularly practical public transport, cab service, etc. - and people on here had some amazingly good solutions...
FYA, just a few minutes ago, I posted on the Commuting Forum about all the alternatives to cycle-commuting available to me here in my close-to-ideal urban situation:

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
My job requires that I reliably show up for work, sometimes quickly under urgent circumstances, 24/7 when on call, and I live 14 miles away…When I was hired, 32 years ago, I offered the information that I would commute via bike and train (Commuter Rail station about 0.2 miles away from work, and about 2 miles from home). My employer looked dubious, but might have been desperate.

Besides the train, we do have a car and it’s a reverse commute from downtown to the suburbs. There is also (slow, but regular) bus service; cruising taxis are readily available round the clock in my neighborhood ($70 fare to work), plenty of convenient car rental agencies near home and work, Zipcar service in the neighborhood, and I have a place to stay at work comfortably overnight.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
I think of my commute in terms of satisfaction:
Cycling >>>>>Train>>>>>>>>>>>>>Driving,

But another dimension is time:
Driving>>>>>>>>>Train (scheduling)>>>>Cycling.

Then there’s Focus (concentration):

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
… Humbly, if Bike Forums ever had a Best Commute Award, I would be a frontrunner.

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