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Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
… Humbly, if Bike Forums ever had a Best Commute Award, I would be a frontrunner.

Originally Posted by gerv View Post
@Jim from Boston, I bet nearly everyone on the Commuting forum thinks they have the best commuting rides! I know mine are pretty good.
Well, read about all the problems posted there. Besides the above transportation alternatives (“train…car…reverse commute…bus…taxis…car rentals…Zipcar...place to stay comfortably overnight…”),

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
…an ideal destination for a cycle commuter. I bring the bike inside near my office, and have a place to hang my cycling clothes and a table fan to dry them off. For the most part I wear surgical scrubs all day so I don't necessarily have to clean off on arrival (I shower at home before the ride). I do have shower facilities though, as well as a coffee shop and cafeteria on site.

Finally, almost all my personal service needs like barber shop, dentist, dry-cleaner/tailor, supermarket and drugstore, and good take-out restaurants are all within walking distance [of work], or a short hop on the bike.
And I cycle a nice distance of at least 14 miles through one of America’s most charming, interesting, and historic metropolises on residential and light commercial roads (and partially on a bikepath in a park) in the reverse commuter direction early in the morning, during all four (pleasant to tolerable) seasons. For training purposes, I can expand my routes to encompass popular high-level cycling outer suburbs (e.g. Dover, for the cognoscenti).

Respectfully (and humbly) “submitted for your approval”

Jim from Boston

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