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Originally Posted by AnkleWork View Post
Lots of moving parts in your post so it's hard to know what you have going on. Maybe introduced some flaw by changing so much stuff at once? Why new cables? Correct spacers (or none) with the cassettes? Correct torque on the lock rings?
I made the litany of changes after the symptom appeared. New cables to eliminate that variable. No spacers. 25lb-ft of torque.
Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart View Post
The simplest experiment is to replace the cassette, then the chan. Sometimes parts don't play nice when they should.

11 speed is really cutting the tolerances to a minimum. Any chain protrusion, slight link offness, tooth misshape, matters more with such little fudge factor. At work we would try a replacement part pretty quick. Andy.
Thanks. I suppose pending this thread I will just buy a new cassette and hope for the best. I don't think it should make that ticking-noise so if this is as good as it get's, it may get sold and replaced with SRAM or Campy. However, I really think Shimano's standard is higher, considering my other cassette works flawlessly.
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