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Originally Posted by dsbrantjr View Post
As suggested, turn it the other way, then. And try making adjustments in 1/4 turn or smaller increments. A half-turn is a pretty coarse change and may take you past the proper adjustment; I move maybe 1/8th turn or less when I get close.
If I move the RD adjustment inboard (lengthen adjuster screw) it will not shift from top two gears, move the RD outboard (shorten adjustment screw) and the chain clicks and jumps only on those two gears.

Originally Posted by blamester View Post
As an experiment try and swap spacers around and see does the problem move with the spacer.I am assuming not all the spacers are fixed.
And if there is no effect try to finesse the adjustment.
All that's left then is to try another cassette.
I did that and measured them, all the same size down to ~.003". I'm about to swap-around individual teeth and see what happens.
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