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1. I do not see a need for Titanium skewers. I am not sure what my quick release skewers are but they are not Titanium, they are the regular ones that SJS usually supplies, silver colored levers. Around home I use quick release, but for travel I use bolt on skewers, Halo XL.
2. Not sure why you have a triple crank listed. I used a double on my build.
3. SJS will adjust your fenders and cut your fender stays to fit the tires that they fit, in this case the 2.0 width. If you ever want to be able to put 2.25 width tires on, you need to tell SJS in advance to leave a little extra bit of stay on each of the fender stays so you can run bigger tires. Maybe cut them 10mm or 15mm longer than they otherwise would?
4. 6 spare spokes per wheel is a lot. If I broke more than about 3 or 4 spokes on a wheel, I would start thinking about replacing all spokes at once.
5. Don't forget the pedals and saddle.
6. I do not know if you plan to use any devices that use a USB for battery charging. If you do, you should know that a couple of the lights out there now are being made with a USB plug in them, so you can plug your device into your front light for charging. There are several other options too, you would have to ask SJS about all the options and cost of each option. I personally am a bit of a DIY sort of guy, I soldered up my own USB charging device instead of paying the big bucks for one of the commercially made ones, thus I can't recommend a specific light that has that feature.
7. Dureme tires are no longer made, I like them, you are fortunate that they still had some in stock.

That gearing should get you up hills quite well. Mine is geared higher for around home use where the steepest hill is 11 percent and I am not carrying camping gear. But I switch to lower gearing for travel.
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