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Originally Posted by Traagstad View Post
The skewers is what they use for the bike, cba to change them.
the triple crankset I dunno, its what thorn quoted back to me, its probably just a standard line they copy pasted or something.
the fenders will be able to take 2.25"
Can never have enough spokes man! besides the spokes for the rohloff is non standard, cant really get em when you out on a long distance tour
Pedals gonna be the Shimano Spd A530 with the Sandals =)
Gotta check out the charging option you are talking about!
I think Sjscycles got them to make the duremes esspecially for them?? You can get them on theyr wepage atleast.
Interesting on the skewers, I did not know the standard was titanium. I built up my Nomad from the frame and fork. I ordered skewers from SJS, but I am sure mine are not titanium.

There are many options for USB charging, all of them can be bought later. But the one that is built into the light, if that is the option you wanted, you really should decide that before you order so you do not have an extra expensive item that you no longer need.

Have you considered how much this bike will weigh? A bike that won't break has a lot of steel on it. I was surprised at how heavy mine is. I am still happy with mine, I am not disappointed. But if you are expecting a lightweight you might be disappointed. As you can see from the comments from others above, several of us are happy with the Nomad.

I do not know what country you are in. I am in USA. I expected to pay 4 percent duty on the frame and fork and some other things that I also ordered from SJS, but the duty for customs actually was closer to 6 percent. But I think that the duty on a complete bike is 10 percent. If you are in USA, when delivered the mail carrier will ask for a check. So, include that in your budget. Ask SJS to give you the tracking number, that will make it easier to figure out when it gets to your post office. In my case I was home with the mail carrier carried the big box to my front door asking for a big check, so there was no difficulty in my coordinating receipt.
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