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A tale of 2 stores

I'm in the process of having a new bike (Trek Project 1) built.

I stopped in store #1 and was immediately greeted by someone. We sat down and I stated to tell him what I was looking at. The store overheard the discussion and joined in. We talked about options and the process of actually spec'ing out the bike, the "pre" fit, purchase and full fit after. The owner said it would be a fun project for him and he's love to do it. That this time of year is the perfect time since there's no rush and he can spend as my time with me as needed since there it was their slow season. I asked how firm was the "list" price quoted by Trek, he said they would be some wiggle room and he's work with me. He then showed me around the store including the mechanics work area and fit studio. He gave me his business card and said to call if I had any questions. When i walked out I checked my watch and realized I was in there for over an hour.

I went to store #2 and roamed around for 5 minutes before any asked if I needed help. When i told him I was thinking of a Trek P1, he passed me to another person. That person was cold and honestly didn't want to be bothered. He told me they do a few measurements and then order the bike. Any chanted in bars, crank and so one would be done at the store. I asked about the "list" price and he said it was firm but would give me the fit for free. Then he excused himself and left. I walked out of the store and looked at my watch, 15 minutes passed. So he spent a total of 10 minutes with me and then blew me off.

I understand they stores don't make a huge profit from a bike sale, but they can increase the profit by adding accessories and service to the transaction. I guess he doesn't need the business as much as store #1 ... or he's just a dick.
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