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Originally Posted by mdilthey View Post
Yeah, when Andrew Skurka walked the route he called it "The Mosquito Loop." One of the few tours I couldn't be talked into doing. It just seems maddening; flat everywhere, cold, millions of bugs, difficult water sourcing and food resupplies, etc.
I cycled the Dempster in 1996, Alaska Highway in 1997, Dalton in 2005 and Russia in 2007. My report for Dempster is here: The Dempster Highway and Alaska Highway is here: There are definitely some spots where the mosquitos are pretty bad on the Dempster, but generally if you keep moving and jump into your tent quick as reaching camp - things are ok for those spots. Also some horse flies that can bite when you are riding, though those seemed to take a while to home in so could swat most of them.

However, as far as mosquitos and biting flies go, my cycling western Siberia was definitely worse than Yukon Territory or Alaska. Not so much that there are localized spots that are probably equally bad in both places - but more because in Western Siberia it continued day after day after day after day... and in the Yukon the bad spots got mixed up with days that really didn't have much in way of bugs at all.

On the Dempster there was a ~100km stretch w/o water but otherwise there were spots more frequent to fill up. The Milepost is a good source for this type of information about the roads and what you find along them.

Adventure Cycling has two "Alaska to Argentina" listings for 2015, so potential to see if they're interested in Inuvik instead of Deadhorse. I've got my own listing there too, but not until 2016...

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