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I made a fat tired cargo bike (20x4.25 rear). It was a fun build, and I enjoy the bike. It also gets a lot of odd looks.

However, I'm not sure if I'd do it again. Personally I don't like the extra wide bottom bracket which I think is hard on my knees. And, I'm not convinced that the stock Mongoose axle can handle the weight that the tires can handle. Of course, the right through axe and cassette setup would fix that problem. The traction of the semi-slick Mongoose tires isn't the best either. And, since I'm on the road most of the time, knobbies would be overkill.

The BB width, however is my biggest complaint, and if I do it again, I'll add a narrow to wide idler sprocket and use a stock bottom bracket.

Anyway, each environment is different. If you are heavy into trails, perhaps one might consider it, but generally not for a road bike.
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