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Originally Posted by verktyg View Post
NO! All things being equal, it's the wall thickness of the tubing that makes a difference in ride. Stronger high alloy steels allow for thinner tubes which are also lighter. Bicycle frames and wheels are dynamic not static - they move and flex in use. A lighter frame will absorb more road shock.
OK - so my misunderstanding about what you said regarding non-Bianchi vs Bianchi forks given a Tretubi sticker. I guess we can agree that regarding the green Bianchi fork tubing sticker that goes with the Tretubi sticker, that it is made of Colubmus tubing.

The 1987 catalog actually has info on the tubing. Page 14. I've attached a screengrab.

The CDI frame is described as: Bianchi Special Formula 2 Tretubi by Columbus in Superset Design. It's fork is made of Columbus Aelle.

Moving higher up the list, the Limited, Nuovo Alloro, and Trofeo has the same frame, but with Formula 2 Fork.

Moving even higher, the Superleggera, Mondiale and Giro is a mix of SL/SP with an SP fork.

So looking at this, I doubt Formula 2 is a SL/SP mix, given that the highest-end bikes are made of that. But of course, we don't know. NO mention of Cromor anywhere at all on this list. Perhaps Cromor was introduced later (my 1987 and 1988 mid-range Bianchis have Formula 2, my 1989 mid-ranger has Cromor).

My opinion that Formula 2 ~ Cromor is because of the ubiquity of Cromor and Formula 2 in late 80s midrange Bianchi bikes. It seems for bikes in the same range (CDI, Quattro, Brava), they'll either have one or the other. It would seem to me that a full-Columbus tubing bike ranks a bit higher than a Tretubi frame (only 3 main tubes), and hence a "Cromor" Bianchi is ranked slightly higher than a Formula 2 frame. As such, it would seem logical that the step-down from a Cromor frame, is a Cromor frame with its main 3 tubes Cromor, with the stays some thing else. That was the reasoning behind my guess that Formula 2 Tretubi is Cromor-level. Again, that was my guess only and has no legitimacy whatsoever. As you say, perhaps it is made of SL/SP in the main tubes, but it just doesn't seem logical that it would be. But again, I don't know.

Regarding your quote above, perhaps I'm not getting you or you're not getting me. What would you say is the ride difference between two bikes, one made by a master builder, and one made generically (on an assembly line).
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