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And only an idiot would try to run from a wolf. Or a bear. Or a cougar. Then you're prey. Spray is meant to be discharged when stopped, in a huge cloud.

The comments are interesting. I'd add a story of my own:

I grew up with one brother on a homestead near Fairbanks. Both our parents worked, so we were home alone a lot in the summer. I would have been 8 and my brother 11 when this happened. We were out in the yard, building roads and playing trucks at one edge of our homestead house clearing, on the stacks of tundra and trees we'd dozed off to find soil to plant a garden in. Suddenly a pack of wolves entered the clearing from the opposite side. They were trotting single file, head to tail, silent, going somewhere. We held perfectly still. They never even looked at us, though we were only maybe 40' from them and in plain sight. They just trotted past us out the other side of the clearing and were gone. It was absolutely magic.
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