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Originally Posted by PhotoJoe View Post
They're doing the same thing around my house. I HATE them. I think drivers are far to distracted looking for their exit and other cars coming in to be looking for us. We always have to ride like they don't see us, but in roundabouts, it has to be taken to a whole new level. If there is any other route, I'll avoid the roundabouts at any almost any cost.
+1 There's several single lane roundabouts that don't have a high volume of traffic and they're easy to negotiate as long as you don't have an idiot in a hurry trying to get around you. There's a multi-lane roundabout that spills onto Clearwater beach that always gets me puckered up. Vehicles are easily distracted and some not from the area are like a deer in the headlights trying to figure out which way to go. I stay on the outside lane and try to get around and out as quickly as possible. There's no way to avoid it unfortunately.
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