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Originally Posted by trailflow1 View Post
First, most importantly. Your wheels need to be compatible. Are you currently using 11 speed wheels and 11 speed cassette ? i assume you are.
Good point. I had considered this and yes the wheels are compatible, they do support 10 and 11 speeds. But I will need new cassette and chain.

Originally Posted by trailflow1 View Post
No its not that bad having extra cable, Its far better than being too short. It will be fine.

You are correct on the numbers. They were wrong. The front derailleur should be 300/350mm, and the internal battery cable 400/450mm.

As you are going External its best to ignore my cable length estimate for the battery. I am not sure exactly what the
external length should be. I dont have any experience of that set up. Im guessing it would be 300/350mm.
Fine. Actually, I will probably proceed this way: order the kit, mount everything I can mount and once I have all of this mounted, I will be able to measure even more accurately the wire lengths I need and get these.

Originally Posted by trailflow1 View Post
Depending on which option you choose from the drop down menu on the link. You may not have to buy '2' 350mm e-tube shifter cables.

If you choose the 'EW67A-E' from the menu. This is a junction box 'A' and shift cables in one. Already attached.

If you choose 'EW90-A' from the menu. You will need to buy '2' 350mm e-tube shifter cables

or if you choose 'EW90-B' from the menu. This junction box comes with 2 extra ports for adding satalite shifters to time trial bars. You will need to buy '2' 350mm e-tube shifter cables.
That was another concern of mine. When I read the Shimano documentation, I see no mention of EW67A-Em only EW90-A and -B. so I was wondering whether that EW90-A item is not from some older version or whatnot and if it is fully compatible...
But picking this one would save me about 60 EUR ... and that cannot be bad
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