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Originally Posted by Flog00 View Post
At Whitcomb USA, in 1975, is it true that you and JP Weigle built the bikes? How many worked in that shop in 1975? It's amazing to me that so much talent was working in that shop
I guess from my perspective much of the value of this bike would come from the fact that you built it.
Could this bike have been built by someone other than you or Weigle?

Peter and I shared assembly duties and it was rare, EXTREMELY rare, that either of us did a frame end to end. He'd do fronts, I would add rears, and the forks were filled in by one of us. Or I would do fronts, he the rears, etc etc. Gary was hired to do prep work and that's when the operation became streamlined. He prepped all the lugs, set up some fixtures, and did a lot of finish work. When it was only the three of us, that's when the system was in its most efficient iteration. I hired Chris later (in 1974 iirc) and we showed him how to bend blades, add contrasting color to lug windows on painted frames, slot stays for dropouts, and other grunt tasks. He never did any serious brazing or effbuilding there. There was one or two other cats along the way, none of them cyclists who would have stayed in the game once the dust settled.
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