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Originally Posted by Barrettscv View Post
Really impressive!

What tires are fitted? How does it ride?
Thanks Barrettscv - I used Club Roost Cross Terra Tire 27x1-3/8" Black Steel tires. I have only been around the block once, the fit is a bit off, but I really love the way this thing rolls. This weekend the Mrs. and I will be at the park to go for a ride.

Originally Posted by azgreg View Post
Very nice. Me likey.
Thank you azgreg!

Originally Posted by knobster View Post
Love to see people repurpose old bikes like that. You did a great job!
Thank you knobster!

Originally Posted by gamby View Post
Gorgeous build. Overall look is fantastic. I like the platform pedals, too. I'm considered weird because I run platforms on my CX bike.

Kinda surprised to see you keep the original singlewall (steel?) wheels, though.

The 1x5 setup is great. It's like a singlespeed with a bit of forgiveness built in.
I kept the steel just for the chrome look - the sun is out today, so I should be able to get a better picture of how nice this bike is. Another reason, budget restraints. The BlackSpire chainring was a steal at 17 bucks, a demo ring that was never mounted and the salesman didn't need it anymore. I was looking for a 44T, but I couldn't pass up the deal. This is going to be a park trail bike, so I am not looking for too much speed anyway.

Originally Posted by bgav View Post
Nicely done! Painted lug outlines in contrasting color is a nice touch. Which saddle are you going with?
Thank you bgav - I am going with a Brooks B67 in black of course!

Originally Posted by jwgd View Post
What derailleur/shifter did you mate to the 5-speed freewheel? If the indexing works well, this would be a good solution for a similar project I have. Thanks.
I ended up using the SRAM X3 shifter, and RD from my Revel II - it isn't pretty, nor ideal by any means, but it works for the time being. It is actually a seven speed shifter and RD, so I had to use a longer limit screw to keep it in range.

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