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Originally Posted by acrafton
Ok - very helpful. But what of the articles/posts/books (including carmichaels) that prescribe several months of 'base building' prior to the start of the next season. I have a base. Do I need to let up and then rebuild it?
You're fine, don't worry about it, just go ride. Personally, I see more people dropping out due to mental "burnout" issues than physical. If you've raced 50-60 races this year, you're might ready for a mental break. That's due to the cyclical nature of racing. But if you've been making steady progress, no need to stop it now. If you're still feeling gung-ho and have good enough weather to ride, just do it.

BTW - monitoring resting-heartrate 1st thing in the morning will give you a clue to physical overtraining. If it stays low, you're fine.
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