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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
A question ... how did we decide to count votes? I know this was discussed in another thread, but I'm not sure what the outcome was.
Is it simply that we vote for anywhere from 1 to 3 people in no particular order, and the person who gets the most votes wins, second most is second place, third most is third place?

Or is it mathematical ... each person votes for first, second, and third place ... then the first place votes are multiplied by 3, the second place votes are multiplied by two, and the third place votes are multiplied by one?

(And of course, we don't vote for ourselves. )

but but but what about fraction votes????????????

isn't your first one the way it's always been done.....or we could also just leave it to whoever is doing that months theme(although that's been iffy to even get a thread posted by the winner)....or we could have the same person (maybe YOU) run the thread each month and have the voting be whatever you want!!!!

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