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No 'beginning' pics of the 1986 Trek 310 Elance I'm currently doing over - it had:

Mismatched wheels - a 27" steel rim on the back, that was so out of true it made the rear brakes continuously dance back and forth, and a 700c wheel on the front. The front calipers were JUST barely long enough to get part of the pads on the rim, as well as the sidewall. The front tire had peeling threads galore. (Front wheel was from a 70's French bike I'm guessing - Mavic rim with medium/large flange Maillard hub. Gave it to a friend for his Motobecane).

Obligatory stuck seatpost (BONUS! also came with remnants of a Kashimax BMX seat attached to the post).

Right shift lever reassembled with random, too-large/thick washers from hardware store.

Bearings in left pedal totally seized - wouldn't spin at all.

In addition to the usual dirt and old grease, the pulley wheels in the rear derailleur were packed with yarn. Bottom pulley was also worn to the point where the teeth nubs still remaining, were covered by said yarn.

Cranks/chainrings/spindle/bearing cups were in surprisingly good shape and given to a friend.

Since the bike was free, the only thing I've spent on it so far has been my time to take all the parts off.

My original plan was to dig in to my parts bin to put the bike together, but I've decided the frame is nice enough to go totally crazy $$ wise and get new wheels and a new Shimano 105 group.
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