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Originally Posted by Katiesmalls View Post
Last month sold My super Leggera 1988 according to the serial number. I couldn't believe how heavy it was, but thought it was only my warped opinion. Buyer drove a long way to pick it up in person. He commented although he was going to purchase it anyway, how heavy it was.. All Campy factory stock, just a very heavy bike for some reason.
Originally Posted by ionikos View Post
Just the weight of the bike! I have an 1986 X4 and I think it is quite heavy, although I love riding it.
Heavy compared to....what? The '88 'Leggera is listed at 21.5lbs, and I would suspect that any comparable SL/SP mix frame (if there were any) with a full Chorus and basic clinchers like the Ambrosios would weigh in at about the same. If you put some trick tubulars wheels and tires on it you might savea pound or two but I suspect the weight is comparable to any similar bike of the day.
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