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I understand that is what you may suspect, as did I, I can't explain it, maybe the original seat, Dense air in the clinchers, LOL, I don't know why it felt heavy, I didn't weigh it, as I don't like to see my weight lately on the bathroom scale, as I am getting ready for a trip on my job that may require it, but if personal opinion accounts for anything, the freakin thing was heavier than any bike of that era that I have, and I have more than enough to judge by. Truly, maybe the seat absorbed a lot of moisture , I owned the bike 25 plus years, I know you are partial to them, I probably love them just as much, but the superleggera I had was heavy, felt slow, and the new buyer while happy with it, after driving 6 hours, was about to change his mind after lifting it. Thank god I didn't have those first generation CCampy SGR pedals on it, they are like children's old peddle blocks on tricycles, made of Iron. It is still visible on the major auction ( sold ) site if you do a search, I was asking $1000. And truthfully, this hobby is based a lot on personal loves, opinions, and fond memories, so even compromising that the bicycle was normal weight amongst its piers, personal perception weighs ( no pun intended ) for alot of credibility, sometimes even equal to or stronger than fact. To all be safe. A few minutes later, its kind of similar to this photo of katiesmalls, I tell her she is just a full round ebony queen, like Oprah, or Al Sharpton, but, she really is H E A V Y, ( she can't spell ) As was I in 1980, I am whitey, with local Chapter Hells Angels gentleman and still one of my best friends, and yes he can still, well whatever.
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