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I do, sometimes.

On wet days I ride my Kona Sutra touring bike, but on nice dry days I take the Tri Bike. Some notes on why this works for me:
1. I have a place to leave my uniforms and shower stuff at work.
2. My ride in for an AM shift I leave at 4am, so no problem on the Aero Bars through town, and of my 27km commute, 1/2 is highway where I can ride the shoulder. On the time trial bike it takes 1 hour, on the touring bike it takes 1hour 25 minutes. Both bikes take a bit longer coming home through traffic.
3. No bags on the bike, and I avoid it when possible, but if I absolutely have to I have a small backpack I can wear.

Also, as a side note, I don;t wear an aero helmet or tri gear, just the same cycling centric clothes I normally wear and my regular helmet. I'm new to triathlon bikes, and have been trying to ride my new bike as much as possible. That it takes my round trip time from 3 hours down to 2:15 is just a bonus.
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