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Originally Posted by The Golden Boy View Post
As long as you have all the parts (don't the Huret RDs have some fancy keyed washer that's necessary?) I would imagine it *should* be just the same as a hanger...
Thank you for the reply Golden boy, I know next to nothing about derailleur, so this bike will help me practice. When you say "same as a hanger" do you mean "same as the adaptor on ebay" or that the hanger on the derailleur will do? If you're talking about the hanger on the derailleur, my frame doesn't have the little hole for the little screw on the hanger, does that not matter?

Originally Posted by The Golden Boy View Post

If you're thinking of spending 4 pounds on a claw, I'd just keep looking for a good, used derailleur. I've seen some QUALITY RDs go for like $10 on eBay.
yeah, I know but I've got the front, rear derailleur and gear levers already from huret. Might be stupid but I like it being the same brand. All those parts came from a old peugeot premiere that would have been too small for me.
EDIT: Maybe I should have mentioned that this is going to be my "pub" bike, something that I can play with but not be gutted if someone nicked it.

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