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Originally Posted by MalcolmsFrejus View Post
mighty_mess, if those are photos of your Eco and the dropout on your bike, it will work.
That is a Huret adapter claw.
Cool, yes these are the actual parts (derailleur and bike).

Originally Posted by MalcolmsFrejus View Post
Looks like the screw that fits in the back of the dropout is in backwards and missing the nut.
The nut is proprietary and shaped like a mushroom. The smaller part fits in the dropout slot.
On the other hand, it may be in backwards because it works the way it is.
Those derailleurs actually shift pretty well.
There is a nut, hard to see on the photo, it's just a simple nut though. I was wondering if it was backward so the screw didn't touch the cassette.

I will give it a go this week-end and report back.
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