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Some riders ride a lot.

It's easy to ride 250 hours a year, and not unusual to ride 400 hours or more. That's 1250 to 2000 hours over 5 years.

Bike consumables, including tires, chains, cassettes, cables, and bar tape add up. And shorts, gloves, energy bars, event rides, and other bike related items. It's easy for these to add up to at least $100 per year, and more likely $200 or $300. That's $500 to $1500 over 5 years.

So an expensive bike's cost seems more reasonable over time. A $7000 bike ridden 2000 hours is $3.50 an hour. A $2000 bike is $1.00 an hour. So that doesn't sound so bad. Although cost per mile does seem high. At 15 mph average, 30,000 miles, the $7000 bike is 23 cents a mile.

I think that a bike that's double what "I" paid (whatever the amount!) is often the point where the bike seems excessively expensive. One that's 30% or 50% higher kind of makes sense as a "nice bike".

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