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Is your post more of an inquiry (your location does say California, so for example, riding around the area is not something you do say every week), an announcement (just letting others know), or both?

I read articles that referenced the governor of Michigan a few years ago, wanting to basically construct missing links and market it for its economic benefits. Other articles have referenced that it would be a trail that becomes more connected, as in linking already existing infrastructure with new infrastructure.

Trail naming: I meant to submit several names for this trail as there was a contest, but just forgot to send them in as I was still thinking of names. I suppose it’s a slight relief none of those I thought of didn’t get selected.

Interim Map: Does anyone at all interested in this trail system think the party responsible for overseeing this project would ultimately rather have segments of the route be less tentative but instead: either more complete or very likely to be completed as planned (with both land and funding secured), before making a map that’s more precise as far as location of the trails?

I wanted to offer my full thoughts about either a 3rd party (like individuals using Google Maps) or suggesting those responsible for the project consider using Google (creating a user map that can be shared) to make an interim map, since it’s a lot more detailed and has other data (on-street view, nearby places, user submitted photos).

Granted, a person viewing such a Google user map wouldn’t be able to for example, determine more precisely the distance for a segment that is not yet complete when using directions, since it would be drawn with a line feature, so I'm not sure it would really be worth the time. It would also of course require more specific data if done by a third party. Some of the data in the map is rather unclear, as far as location (hence a large part of the reason for the map).

It’s interesting to me that they have a “hiking-proposed rail” labeled in an area that’s more Downriver, when I would think that’d be either biking proposed, or even hike/bike proposed. There’s nowhere I can think of to be hiking that appears to be within that distance and width shown, within River Rouge, Ecorse and Wyandotte. I usually think of hiking as being an activity that is in somewhat more rural areas (more like southern Trenton, Gibraltar and further south), mostly non-developed, not a somewhat downtrodden suburban area.

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