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Bikes: Santa Cruz Blur TR, Cannondale Quick CX dropbar conversion & others

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Originally Posted by ItsTimeToBike View Post
good to know about the bobbing of the rear shock. I think we'll attempt our first DIY re-build of the front by ordering a kit and watching the youtube vid.

Its currently running tubeless 2.2's in the rear and 2.4 in front. As you can see there is indeed limitation from the bridge, with clearance of about 1/2 inch.
The rear triangle looks identical to my old bike. I'd have the boy ride the Mountain Kings until they're dead, just add sealant every 60-90 days. When it's time to replace the rear tire I'd suggest a Maxxis Ardent Race. It'll clear a little bit better than the MK and it will be faster rolling with similar grip except in mud.

Air can service on a Fox Float shock is pretty easy, significantly easier than changing seals and semi-bath oil on the fork. Oh yeah, the weak point for bushings and bearing is actually the lower shock mount. It's a funny size, and Fox is not making the new 2-piece plastic & metal bushings for it, and nor can you find a needle bearing conversion. You can still get the original bushing which is crappy because it has a notch in it; it's just a rolled piece of metal. (Aluminum or steel, I'm not certain.) It deforms easily because of that design, so I'd get a strong bush from BETD. I switched to those several years ago and they last 3 or 4 times longer than the Fox bushing. I think BETD also sells a bushing install / remove tool on that same page I linked above.

Oh wait... yes. Through the magic of Gmail, I still have a receipt from BETD. (They're in the UK, by the way.) This is what you want:
Product: Hula hoop bushes
Attributes: Fox (1/2'') Pack of 1
Quantity: 1
Price: 4.75

Product: Strongbushes
Attributes: Fox (1/2'') 18.00 mm 9.53 (3/8'') Santa Cruz Blur only
Quantity: 1
Price: 17.99

The hula hoop bush is the new style Fox for the upper shock mount. It's smooth and reliable. The strong bush is not as smooth, but it is reliable, and you can't do better with the original Blur's lower mount. I want to say two of them come in a pack.
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