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Just FYI
My roommate rides does a fair amount of trials riding on a GT Aggressor (HT) frame. It's pretty basic: Judy TT, wide rear tire at low pressure, decent rims, etc. He does a lot 1-2 foot drops (and some bigger) with no problem, but is mostly focused on control and getting onto things rather than jumping off of big things. It's taken some abuse but is holding fine. The key is in learning how to land (back tire first, GIVE with the knees).
He's actually hoping to wear it out before too long so he has an excuse to buy a trials specific frame.
You might surf the internet for videos to help you learn technique. Watching them will make you feel terribly untalented at first, but you'll start to pick it up and have a blast (and get plenty of scrapes and bruises). Try this site to start with:
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