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Originally Posted by Rincewind8
I was thinking of converting my VIIIFS into a fixed gear, but since the hinge of the rear suspension arm is not at the bottom bracket I fear that every time I hit a bump it is going to mess up the chain tension or throw the chain. How is the chain tension holding up for you, since you don't run any chain tensioner?
Hi Rincewind8,

When I set up the chain tension initially, I loaded the rear suspension first, set what I considered nomal tension and that was it. It does tend to tighten when suspension is compressed, so if you set it tight unloaded, it will be too tight when ridden. Just came back from my 10mi lunch run and it worked perfect. The shifting is very smooth and the hub surprisingly quiet in any gear. I jumped a few curbs for grins and didn't loose the chain. I can't see how it would, but my impending trail riding should be a good test. I don't know how critical chain tension is on a fixed gear bike, but worse case scenario, a tensioner could be added.

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