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Originally Posted by gremlin75 View Post
Yes. From what I can tell there are quite a few bike/multi use trails used in the iron belle trail. At this point Im considering any uncompleted sections, between these already existing trails, as connectors. Im hoping to see the states proposed paths for these connetors and follow that. If I can't find that info then I'm just going to have to figure out connetor paths myself. That should be to difficult, but I'm really hoping the state can save me some leg work

ps. Just realized that my post in this thread was my first post on these forums!

Well, based on what I understand you are saying, you would consider any route between the completed trails, but would prefer to stay on-route on the already completed trails that are going to be designated as part of the Iron Belle Trail. Regarding both the completed sections and to-be-completed sections, youíre not 100% on the route, and would consider any points in between the trails. Is that correct?

I donít know you at all, and Iím not asking for all your personal information, but partly based on curiosity but more so to get an idea of what type of route you might be more comfortable with, I would like to know a few things:
-Roughly how experienced are you riding on the road (approximate years and mileage), particularly here in Metro Detroit (quite a large number of sq. miles I would say)

-How familiar are you with Google Maps (ďclassicĒ or newest version)?

-How many miles would you estimate youíve ridden on roads with higher speed limits (40MPH and above) and 1-lane each way (with or without a left-turn lane)?

I am asking these questions because this isnít the type of thing just anyone would do. You did state this as part of a post:
Originally Posted by gremlin75 View Post
I'd like to ride the trail from Belle Isle to Mackinaw this year, but with no detailed map that is looking less likely.
Iím not sure if that is consecutively (day-to-day), or spread out. If itís consecutively, like it would appear to be based on your primary question, Iím not sure making an attempt to reflect a route, where the gaps of infrastructure have yet to be filled in, is something a lot of people do, but primarily because it may not seem that safe, nor does that mean Iím saying ďYou shouldnít do this.Ē I'm not.

Safety: I am caught up a bit on the thought of riding on extended lengths (Iím talking 10, 20, or more miles) on more rural roads that have all the characteristics I try to avoid. Roads with lack of wide/ride-able shoulders with only 1-lane each way (w/ or without left-turn lanes) is not entirely enjoyable to me. I do so rarely. I'd have to put in more time looking at the roads in between the trails, to see what they are like. Most roads in areas outside of major metropolitan areas/lower population density have roads that are 1-lane each way.

Just personally, it unnerves me when riding on such roads, even more so than most suburban roads, because of that decreased safety barrier to pass a cyclist.

Add in variables people seem to be dealing with to a greater extent today: lack of time and patience (greater tendency to speed as well as more easily getting away with speeding in areas with fewer people and as a result, fewer cops), distractions (like cell phones), increased stress, etc, and I feel vulnerable not to mention like a tiny bit of a nuisance with people having to pass me (not extremely so though). Thatís where mirrors (I prefer helmet mirrors) come in handy but it only helps so much.

Larger groups of people touring are probably a bit easier to see on the road, and Iím not implying individuals and groups do not undertake what you are interested in doing (going on rides this long), or even just riding considerably shorter rides than what you want to undertake on such roads that I tend to avoid . I basically want to get an idea of your experience of overall road riding, but give you an idea of part of the reason just why Iím asking these questions and know where I'm coming from.
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