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Whether or not to mention wheel hop to the customer??

So I had a rebuild of what turned out to be a rather irregular used rim--cheap to begin with and rode hard ever since, with the usual minor warps and damages.

Bottom line--some radial hop (1-1.5mm) not resolvable without resorting to grossly uneven spoke tensions. Even spoke tensions are particularly important in this case because this guy is big and powerful and has a history of broken spokes.

So I made the compromise that in my judgement resulted in the best wheel that I could make out of the components supplied.

Operating on the principle that "ignorance is bliss" and the customer isn't going to be able to feel it anyway, because of tire and road surface imperfections, I can choose to not mention it to the customer.

Or, I can explain it all to the customer and perhaps turn off his enthusiasm for his newly-built wheel, and for no particular benefit.

Or I can stop work when I see that the hop is there to stay, contact the customer, and ask what he prefers me to do.

Which is the best course of action?

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