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I've built most of my wheels on used rims. But I am now careful about what I spend the time building.

Is this the guy with 26" MTB wheels? Is it a flat rim, or double walled rim?

1mm hop may be within the design specs of the MTB wheels, and may be as tight of tolerance as what they were when new. Although, it could add a very minimal stress to the wheel.

When I true up wheels for friends and family, I rarely mention that the truing isn't perfect as it is always better than it was when I got it.

If it was my customer, I'd probably call him up and tell him that the rebuilt wheel has a slight hop. Possibly as good as it was when it was new, but not quite as good as you like to do on road bikes. But that MTBs often have slightly greater tolerances than road bikes. Then offer a new rim, spokes, and second rebuild (at a reasonable additional cost). My guess is that he will be very happy with the new wheel, and choose not to do the second rebuild. You could even give him a few days to try it out.

I think there are benefits of using a new, strong, double walled rim but it may not be in the budget. Also, since the wheel is already built with used parts, it might not save much money to rebuild a second time now, rather than just trying it out for a while.

Ultimately you will have to judge what the customer's expectations are now, and guess what they will be like in the future.

Next time, suggest potential problems with rims that have had a heavy rider and multiple broke spokes before beginning a rebuild.
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