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Originally Posted by rccardr View Post
Thanks. Do you know if Cinelli ever made any 'non-SC' bikes after the Colombo sale, other than the Sana and it's TT stablemate?
I've not been able to find information on any and it seems kind of odd to me that they'd just have that one small run in 1989.
They made Centurion's Equipe, and one for Lotus, I believe, which may be different sons of the same mother. Chirico made almost all of the forks after 1984.
I think the clues would lie in the output of Chirico's shop in Bussero, but there's not a lot of information available.

Originally Posted by iab View Post
I have emailed Cinelli in the past and they have always replied, eventually. You could try them.
That's the key word. They have always responded to me about strictly Cinelli questions, but it took a while.
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