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That's a hard question,, so so many variables,,,

The simple stuff,,

Clean the wheel rims and check for cracks or rough spots (Rims can wear right through)...
They can be sanded smooth sometimes...

New pads if the old ones are badly contaminated or worn, they often get brittle.
Set the pads with 'Toe In' Use a credit card, Inserting it about 1/3 of the way into the rear of the pad then tighten it down.
This makes the front of the pad hit first and harder, often eliminating sudden bite and noise......

Pull the cables out and If they are in good shape sand them smooth with emery cloth or 800 grit made for metal..
Any kinks or rust change them,,,
Re lube with a thin oil and seal each housing end with a dab of thicker grease to keep the moisture out..

Got the little bit of extra money replace with teflon coated cables,,
way smoother they are. IF you do These teflon cables DO NOT LUBE at all !

Incorrect adjustment,,could be but I can't see them..

Are you using BOTH brakes ALL the time ? you should be.....
To help Bias more power to the rear, use one finger on the front and two on the rear.......

Oh yeah,, WEAR A HELMET before you kill yourself,,,,

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