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Originally Posted by Kindaslow View Post
Seems like a good deal, if the bike appears in good shape. I think a warranty, per se, is too much to ask on a used bike that is a good deal. However, maybe a deal could be made that they cover anything major except abuse for a month. Then, you just need to make sure to get out enough in that first month so that anything truly ready to fail will fail.
I like that idea. I will definitely bring it up.

Originally Posted by Shuffleman View Post
1st--The price on the bike is a good deal but only if it is in good shape. The pic that you sent showed the frame and it looked pretty rough, as you would expect from a rental. The seat post--is that surface rust or just brown? I really could not tell from the photo.
I think that buying a used bike is a good idea but I do not like buying a rental, especially a mtb as they tend to get abused. If you are going to do some serious mtb the fork is really made for light trails. I just saw a 2014 Giant ATX 29er go new at my LBS for $440
00. It seems like they had the same fork. I am not sure what your budget is but a new Giant Revel 29er is $550.00.
Personally, I would watch Craigs List if you want to go used because you will find many bikes there that have gotten little to no mileage on them.
I know that I ride my bikes pretty hard but I have never had a frame that was as scratched up as the one in the picture you shared. I just think that you can do better on Craigs List and by watching sales and closeouts.
The frame was definitely beat up, but I rode it around the block for a bit and everything felt nice (except a squeeky back break which they said they would fix). The shop was very open about the bike being a rental and they told me they make sure their used bikes are healthy before selling (of course this could just be the salesman pitch).

The problem with watching craigslist is that I have been doing that for over a month without much luck. I am pretty ignorant on bikes, so someone could probably sneak something bad by me at the point of sale. Because of that, I just want a fair deal that will get me out and learning what I like and don't like about a mountain bike.

Side note: I have to make my decision by 4 pm tonight (mtn time -7:00 hours).

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