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Originally Posted by Shadoninja View Post
The frame was definitely beat up, but I rode it around the block for a bit and everything felt nice (except a squeeky back break which they said they would fix). The shop was very open about the bike being a rental and they told me they make sure their used bikes are healthy before selling (of course this could just be the salesman pitch).

The problem with watching craigslist is that I have been doing that for over a month without much luck. I am pretty ignorant on bikes, so someone could probably sneak something bad by me at the point of sale. Because of that, I just want a fair deal that will get me out and learning what I like and don't like about a mountain bike.

Side note: I have to make my decision by 4 pm tonight (mtn time -7:00 hours).
Craigs list is always hit or miss. I have a hard time because I am 6'02 and bikes my size never seem to come up when I am looking.
Specialized is a good brand. I am not sure that the deal is so good that you have to pressure yourself into buying today. If you get a chance go to a local shop that sells Giant. You can get a Giant ATX for around $450. This has a little lower quality groupset on it but it is a very nice bike. Also, the Giant Revel is comparable to that Specialized and it is only $550 new. I only mention Giant because it is a big brand that is probably in your area. They tend to be a little lower in cost. There are many bikes in your price range that will fit your bill. Do you have Performance bike in your area? They have some nice Fuji's and GT's in that same price range. I just think that the bike you showed was pretty beat up. Your price point is perfectly fine for a nice entry level new bike or a little better used bike.
Do yourself a favor go look at the Giants and even Trek's in your area. Trek has the Marlin's and 3 series that are right in your range as well. Go ride one of those bikes just to compare it to the Specialized. See what you think.
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