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Originally Posted by slowride454 View Post
disconnect the front brakes. pretty simple. most of us grew up with only a coaster in the back and lived.
Interesting. I could do that but I think that this next idea is what I will try first.
Originally Posted by gsa103 View Post
Have you tried using the front brake cable adjuster to open the calipers farther? That way the lever would go almost to the bar before you got full braking force.
No I have not. I will try this.

Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets View Post
Installing brake attenuators sounds like a pain in the ass.
Ah, now I know what they are called. I still can't source them from China, nor know how they are installed. If they are a pain in the ass, then I will not be able to install them because I am poor mechanic.

Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets View Post
Just practice emergency stops from an upright position. Push yer ass off the saddle and plant that saddle into your chest. Also, learn to do stoppies. Rear wheel leaving the ground is nothing to worry yourself about if you get used to it happening.
I don't have a mountain bike but I suppose I could devote the first x amount of time after I rent to practice. Hypothetically, how many hours do you think it would take before I learnt NOT to grab ones brakes in an emergency, and to do "stoppies" (I think that last time I feel off I would have just done a stoppie but I panicked). I think I learn less fast now that I am 50.

Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets View Post
Here's an inspirational video of mostly regular wheelies and manuals but also some impressive nose manuals: https://youtu.be/7yO0M_OaHZc?
Inspirational, perhaps. But i just can't see me and rental bike in any connection with that video.

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