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Over-the-top Sears Tote Cycle Modification

Hello again, C&V! I'd like your opinions on this Tote Cycle I'm (?)modifying. I know some might consider it putting lipstick on a pig, but she's my pig. This bike makes me irrationally happy. I've always wanted a cargo bike but don't have the space to store one. I also like the ability to load it up on the car rack without strain. I have plans for this bike, man. Plans.

After finding as much info as I could, I decided I wanted a modern IGH. So I have a Nexus 8 speed and Sturmey Archer dynamo/drum brake on the way with a pair of 20" Rhino Lite Rims to lace them to. I chose Maxxis Ringworm tires. My question for you guys: what kind of spoke should I go with? I'll be carrying my 35# toddler (and still growing) on this bike. I'd like to carry some groceries and be able to make some library runs. I'd also like some feedback on color choice- I'm going to have it powder coated after the welding is done.

As it came to me. 39 pounds by my scale:

With intended passenger:

The Bendix RB2 that came with it is nice, so I got in there to clean it. Forty-year-old gunk, from the look of it:

Cleaned, new grade 25 bearings installed after this pic was taken:

Reassembled, runs like a champ:

Bridges removed. First time using an angle grinder, but I'm satisfied with the result:

Re-spacing the dropouts. The black marks on the threading is where I started. Needed a little gentle prying at the end, but I got 135mm on the nose:

New bridges cut. The bottom one is not as close fitting as the top, but this is my first rodeo with frame modification, so I'll cut myself some slack. My neighbor's son has a TIG welder, so I'm going to ask if he can do the work for me:

So there it is. Any ideas on spokes, color, or anything else you can think of would be great.

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