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Gimping brakes is a solution employed by Shimano I believe, and commended on the thread I link to above, where it is described as "ABS for bicycles" (on a linked YouTube video).
I am not sure how good it is.

I did not mean to ask about braking technique, and made that as plain as I could in the title of this thread. I am aware that practising braking technique is the ideal, but not the only, way forward.

Incidentally however, while out riding my road bike recently I realised that I already instinctively employ the centre of gravity back technique when braking on my road bike.

You are no doubt right that it is possible to endo a road bike. I have never done so, no feel in danger of so doing due to my technique and a variety of factors (tire width, braking power, position etc).

I think that the problem for me with mountain bikes is not only in their superior braking but also in some interaction with the suspension that made/makes modulation more difficult, requiring more practice. Bearing in mind my lack of a bike to practice with, the use of some mechanical aids (position adjusting, brake power adjusting, modulating, tire changing) seemed, and seems, to make sense to me.

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