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Just go alone. If you would prefer to go alone anyways, dont take someone who you dont know well and that could negatively impact your trip just because of the very very slim chance of a robbery. As you said, how many times in your life are you going to have the opportunity to do something like this in your lifetime? Why not do it exactly how you want to do it?

I was in a situation like yours about four years ago. I was living in Korea and wanted to ride my bike across Asia but noooooooooone could take a year off to go with me. Lots of people said they "wanted" to but no one actually did anything about it. So, I went alone and had a blast. Over the course of an entire year in Asia I had exactly one time when I was in fear of being robbed and it turned out to be a curious camel sniffing my tent in the middle of the night in western China rather than my imagined wandering nomadic burglar. Thats still one of my favorite stories from the whole trip! I did have a bike pump stolen from me in Lhasa, Tibet but that was my own fault for not being smart enough to remove it when I locked up my bike.

Just ride and have fun!
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