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Originally Posted by timtak View Post
Nice video. But when you are about to be hit by a car, do you remember to put your butt back? I think that it would take a lot of practice for me to avoid clutching my brakes brakes first, and bashing my brain again.

I would rather be in a position with weight distributed and brakes adjusted in such a way as to make endo impossible especially since I do not own a mountain bike and only use the rental. I would need to buy one to practice on and then practice quite a bit. I knew everyone was going to say "technique," but bearing in mind that I don't have a bike, it is only for one or two weeks a year when on a rental, I did specifically ask for non technique options.

I never endo my road bike (I think it impossible) "because the brakes are so bad" and that suits me fine. Is there no way to make mountain bike brakes as "bad" as road bike brakes? (That plus position)

What about those springs that I link to in the original post?

I also note that the policeman has an upright position. People may know that I am into long and low and this seems to prevent not promote endo. My facepavement was from a position like the policeman: fast flip forwards, forehead into ground.

I don't think that the rental bikes have air suspension. Rental bikes tend to be cheap.
you seriously need to learn how to ride a bike man. Quite frankly, yes, if a car was about to hit me, I would think to move my weight back as I jammed on my brakes. the notion of intentionally having bad brakes that dont work properly is utterly stupid to me. If the brakes are that bad that you won't endo, it means they also won't stop you when hurtling downhill at 20 or30+ mph
rental bikes could have air suspensions, there are plenty of cheap air forks and as others said, if its fully compressing all the way to the bottom out position just from braking, you have a broken fork
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