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Originally Posted by DiscTruckerMF View Post
you seriously need to learn how to ride a bike man. Quite frankly, yes, if a car was about to hit me, I would think to move my weight back as I jammed on my brakes. the notion of intentionally having bad brakes that dont work properly is utterly stupid to me. If the brakes are that bad that you won't endo, it means they also won't stop you when hurtling downhill at 20 or30+ mph.
rental bikes could have air suspensions, there are plenty of cheap air forks and as others said, if its fully compressing all the way to the bottom out position just from braking, you have a broken fork
Perhaps I should not rent a mountain bike or ride it at speeds where I can endo. I accept that possibility.

Spending my holiday learning mountain bike braking Technique is not an option that I wish to consider here at least.

The trouble is I was going pretty slowly. Mountain bike brakes are so much more powerful than road bike brakes. Shimano makes a device to attenuate (selectively weaken) their power. It is options of this kind that I am seeking.

I am not sure why the suspension made braking, for me, more difficult.The forks were not broken. Perhaps it was rather that the give of the suspension hid from my untrained roadie hands the fact that my wheels had locked. So perhaps I should bring some suspension-less front forks.

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