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Originally Posted by Looigi View Post
Ears are unreliable. Wind noise in the ears, nearer cars/trucks and other sounds can drown out the sound of cars approaching from behind. If there is a car beside you, you won't be able to hear if another is further behind and approaching. Also the nature of the road surface and vehicles tires can greatly effect the amount of sound they make. Mirrors are 100% reliable within their field of view, which is large and steerable for eyeglass or helmet mounted mirrors.
I use my ears, and eyes. But that is me. A mirror works better for others. I don't use a mirror because, I would have to actually look at something. Whereas, My ears are constant wherever I am. With my eyes, I just quickly turn my head far enough. That I can briefly look with my peripheral vision and quickly turn my head back. Because.....
Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
Get used to the sound of approaching traffic behind you. With experience you'll often be able to not only know that there's a car coming up, but also whether he's making an adjustment for you.

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