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When I'm driving I don't need a mirror until I want to merge or turn. They serve no safety purpose when I'm just driving in my lane. It does me no good to know what traffic behind me is doing.

Same with a bike.

When I'm in a car, the time I need my mirrors is especially when I'm merging and also turning.

When I'm on my bike, my neck is capable of putting my eyes anywhere I need to see when I'm merging or turning.

I just have never seen the value of a mirror. I tried to use one for a few weeks last year, but found that it did nothing to improve safety, and actually distracted me from the road ahead (and therfore side streets and driveways - where the real danger comes from).

How does being able to see traffic come up from behind make a cyclist safer? I just can't see the value given the fact they distract you (maybe momentarily, but still...) from the road ahead.

Once in a blue moon someone gets run over by an overtaking vehicle, but have any mirror users atually used them to evade an unsafe passer? The most common bicycle accidents I hear of are intersection accidents (bike or car fault), right (or left) hooks, and also just plain stupid maneuvers by cyclists. Mirrors don't help that.
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