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Originally Posted by Camilo View Post
When I'm driving I don't need a mirror until I want to merge or turn. They serve no safety purpose when I'm just driving in my lane. It does me no good to know what traffic behind me is doing.
That's a very simplistic view of driving. I know there are a heck of a lot of people who drive like this, and I think this is why there are as many accidents as there are.

I use my mirrors a lot when driving. If there's someone coming up behind me, even fairly far away, I try to estimate when they'll be up to me and I slightly adjust my speed if necessary to be able to not be in their way when they reach me. I also want to know who is behind me because (as every driver is SUPPOSED to) I always have at the back of my head a map of where the cars around me are so that if there's an emergency I know where I can bail out to. If I slam on the brakes can I swerve left or should I swerve right? Depends on whether there's a car there or nearly there.
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