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Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
I kind of assume there is always a car coming. Is my behavior going to change if a car is coming? I do glance when I am approaching a left turn or road obstacle. I never ride a double paceline, so maybe this doesn't contribute anything.
Sure, but do you assume that there's a car in every single lane coming up fast and your only good move is to slam on your brakes?

It's better to KNOW where the cars are, so you can retain the "out" at all times. That's what they are supposed to teach in driver's training anyway, not sure if they still do. After a few years of driving you don't even think about it anymore, you just know where the cars around you are, whether they're gaining on you, etc.

You can know when you reach this state if you have a car edge into your blind spot and sit there for a few seconds - you start to get itchy, you feel their presence even though you can't see them and you didn't really consciously keep track of them, and you start checking your shoulder to see what's making you nervous.

Then you speed up or slow down to get the moron out of your blind spot.
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