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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
Sure riding a bike is just like a car, to include riding at the same speed as all the cars on the road too, eh? I assume your ability to ride at the same speed as the car/truck traffic is why you have no interest in what approaching traffic from the rear may be doing.
And yes, by keeping aware of approaching traffic to the rear, I have avoided being struck by motorists who were driving the speed limit (55mph) and gave no indication that they intended to pass safely.
Well, I didn't mean to imply that riding a bike is just like driving a car. But yes, I really don't need to be observing cars approaching from behind. I've never had a need for it in 40+ years of riding on roads. The two people who I know got hit from behind (as opposed to the many, many who have been hit or had near misses in intersections, right hooks, or stupid bike maneuvers), could not have avoided them because the car swerved over and hit them (distracted).

Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
I kind of assume there is always a car coming. Is my behavior going to change if a car is coming? I do glance when I am approaching a left turn or road obstacle. I never ride a double paceline, so maybe this doesn't contribute anything.
Yea, this is pretty much it.

I hope that me stating a personal preference to not use a mirror doesn't offend the sensibilities of those that do use them. But I hope nobody will claim that I'm not being safe.
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