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Troubleshooting a Stubborn Hub

Hi all,

I'm a bike mechanic, so I understand the steps in a hub overhaul already- no need for help on that. I'm just having an issue with a particular hub with loose bearings. I make the final hub adjustment and it feels as smooth as I can manage without any play. I put the wheel in the truing stand and tighten the truing fork arms onto the locknuts and as soon as I check the wheel again it has a good amount of play.

It seems that even when I get the cones tight to the point where the hub has a little texture when I put it in the truing stand it STILL has a decent amount of play such that I can't effectively true the wheel.

Has anyone run into this? I checked the axle and it doesn't seem to be bent. I have 9 bearings on each side which seems to be the right amount. The race and cones are not pitted. Does this customer just have ill-fitting hardware? Does this mean the hub is shot? Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

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