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Have you checked that the axle is not bent?

I've run into low-end Shimano hubs that come stock with very rough cones. RM-30, RM-40, and similar hubs. Are the cones either black... or perhaps galvanized?

I use a spare axle, put the cones backwards on the axle with a locknut, then throw it in the lathe for a few minutes. By hand hit it with about 300 grit sandpaper, then 600 to 1000 grit sandpaper (perhaps with oil).

You could probably do the same thing with a drillpress. Here are some photos of cones I've polished, sorry it is hard to get a perfect photo. Also polished up the hub in the one photo. See the outward facing polished vs inward facing non-polished cones.

Small circumferential scratches around the cone don't make a big difference.

Most of the Shimano races I've found have been pretty good, but on my Mongoose, they had PAINTED the races which is a pain to deal with.
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